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My Psychiatry Rotation

  • Brooklyn, NY

  • Core rotation #1 - 6 weeks

  • Services: Inpatient, ED, Consult ​

    • Inpatient: we started at 9 am except Mondays (10 am) where we meet in a room for patient sign out and to interview new patients. Our preceptor brings us to his office afterwards and he assigns us a patient whom we have to interview and present tomorrow morning 

    • ED (1 week): we started at 8:30 am where we interviewed patients with the resident assigned that service and determined if they needed to be admitted or sent home (most of the time they just needed a place to stay)

    • Consult (1 week):  we started at 8:30 and we met the attending where we discussed a few topics beforehand and then visited these patients on different floors of the hospital. Afterwards, we went back into office and discussed topics from that day

  • Lectures: Once a week about different topics along with practice shelf exam questions where we review them ​and had a few lecture days of with student presentations 

  • We also had one day of CPT training where you learn techniques in case a psych patient becomes aggressive. Great CV booster! 

  • Since it was inpatient, you do have to be careful but there are police and other safety authorities constantly patrolling the hallways (but still be careful!)

  • Don't wear ties - psych patients can pull on them 

  • Tools: Stethoscope, notebook, pen 

  • Resources: UW, NBME practice shelf exams

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Kandria Ledesma, MD

Emergency Medicine resident

NJ -> Antigua -> NY -> CA

Medicine, Running, Birds, Plants, Food, Dinos 

  • Useful Phone Apps: Epocrates (helps with drug names, indications, dosing), UptoDate (information), Core: Clerkships (helpful information for each core rotation), UW on the go

  • Overall thoughts: I HIGHLY recommend. A really great rotation where the attending and residents were knowledgeable and willing to help and guide students. There was a variety of people and disorders as well which made it a great learning experience. I also think this is a great first rotation when starting off because it eases you into your clinical rotations and preparing for your shelf exam. 


Dino of the Month: Carnotaurus

Plant of the Month: Nepenthes Attenboroughii

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