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Hi there!

My name is Kandria and I am a first year emergency medicine resident in California.

This site is primarily focused on the journey, or the miles, in my goal of becoming a physician from medical school until the end of residency. This is dedicated not only for my love for medicine and running, but also for anyone who is interested in medicine or who is currently in medical school that needs some guidance through this process, whether it be during Basic Sciences, your clinical rotations, or the match cycle.

I love working with students and providing advice. I was always given sound advice in high school and throughout undergrad therefore this is my way of giving back to everyone who has helped me.

Aside from the medicine aspect, I have included some fun pages of my hobbies so if you're interested in that, that's cool as well and we can bond over it! :D

I hope this website provides some sort of guidance and becomes a tool that can help you throughout your own journey through medicine. You are always free to contact me and I will definitely get back to you!


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Kandria Ledesma, MD

Emergency Medicine resident

NJ      Antigua      NY       CA

Medicine, Running, Birds, Plants, Food, Dinos 


Dino of the Month: Carnotaurus

Plant of the Month: Nepenthes Attenboroughii

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