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Post-Residency Plans

Unfortunately, sometimes people are not able to match into residency. There are a lot of reasons which could cause this such as financial issues, personal affairs, USMLE scores, being a bad interviewer, or even not broadly applying. Please do not lose hope! Yes it is very depressing, and I would never wish for this to happen to anyone, however, this event can be used as a lesson. Plan to apply the following cycle with a game plan in mind so you can get the most interviews you can possible. 

*Our school emails students post-match for any medical positions available for residency OUTSIDE the match as well as positions that can boost your resume. Another option, which my friend had told me about is Unmatched MD where programs post positions that are outside of the NRMP match. So don't lose hope yet and keep pushing! 


For the next cycle, start to boost up your CV by taking the USMLE Step 3 (if you haven't) as well as work or volunteer in a place that can give you a lot of patient exposure. Make sure to keep busy! Here are a few ideas I have thought about when I was considering waiting for the 2020 cycle:

  • Taking USMLE Step 3

  • Medical Scribe (most require a 1 year commitment) 

    • In home​

    • On site 

  • Adjunct Professor ​

  • Medical Liaison

  • MD in a pharmaceutical company 

  • Standardized Patient - Kaplan Medical/ other medical schools 

  • Student Physician as Essen Medical Associates

  • Work for your medical school - my medical school allows alumni who are waiting for the next match cycle to come to Antigua and help out with the small groups. Contact me if interested! 

  • Medical Researcher - some programs will have research positions offered every summer and allows students the opportunity to conduct their own research 

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