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My ECG Elective


  • Visalia, CA 

  • Elective Rotation #7 - 4 weeks

  • Services: Outpatient

    • I arrived at the Cardiology/ECG office around 8am and wait for the attending to arrive. He would dictate which patients to see in which rooms so I would review the charts and enter, obtaining an H&P. Then I would present outside the room to the attending and he would tell me the plan and any other findings. Then I would write this on a piece of paper attached to the chart and give it to the transcriptionist. ​

    • At the end of day, I would read ECGs and write my interpretations on the back and the attending and I would review them in the morning 

    • Days were 8a-2pm

  • Lectures: Every Thursday for 1 hour at the main hospital ​

  • Resources: 

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Kandria Ledesma, MD

Emergency Medicine resident

NJ -> Antigua -> NY -> CA

Medicine, Running, Birds, Plants, Food, Dinos 

  • Overall thoughts: I recommend this rotation for anyone. The hours are simple and this rotation does help refresh your ECG knowledge. The attending is very knowledgeable and you do get the chance to watch cardiac catheterizations, stress echos, and stress tests. 


Dino of the Month: Carnotaurus

Plant of the Month: Nepenthes Attenboroughii

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